A great Sports Power Weekend in Minneapolis

By Jared Cooper

The fans in attendance at the Jack Morris meet and greet in Minneapolis were able to get autographs, take photographs and chat with the local legend and 1991 World Series MVP for the Twins.

I also took the opportunity to ask Jack a few questions about his career and away game travels.

Jack, what was the most intimidating road stadium you ever played in?

Jack Morris: I supposed when you are young it is Yankee Stadium, but Boston was a pretty rowdy crowd. In reality, I think the Red Sox fans are a little crueler than Yankee fans. Yankee fans yell, but they will cheer for you too. Boston fans I don’t think ever cheer for the other team.

Living in the area and playing one championship season with Minnesota, what do the fans here mean to you?

JM: They are about the nicest people in the world. The saying “Minnesota nice” is true. We have no reason to accuse you of anything bad until you prove you are worthy of it. They’ve been great.

Re: your time in Detroit?

JM: Detroit is a hard-working town and is a town that really embraces their sports teams because of the geography of what it is. It is an auto industry town, not a lot of theatre or arts, but sports are huge for them and sort of an escape. It is their passion and they really support their sports teams well.

What was the loudest stadium that you ever played in?

JM: The Metrodome.

Re: favorite stadium/city to visit on the road?

JM: The old ballpark in Oakland before they closed it all in what a great pitcher’s park; a lot of foul territory. Those are the things that pitchers like. I loved to play in Seattle because whenever we were there it seemed like the weather was beautiful, without the rain and ugliness that you hear about all the time. It was not an easy place to pitch; it was just a great city. I have always enjoyed Chicago, which was not necessarily the greatest place to pitch either. Those are good towns.

* * *

Pregame field view at the Metrodome

After the fun meet and greet with Jack, we headed over to the Metrodome to see the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers visit the Minnesota Vikings in the 100th ever meeting between the franchises. Rookie quarterback Christian Ponder what his first career start, but even though he performed admirably, the Packers prevailed. The future is bright for the Vikings with Ponder at the helm however.

Some other notable aspects of the Minneapolis Sports Power Weekend:

  • The Mall of America is as advertised. It is a colossus, and you can probably spend the entire day there and still not accomplish everything you set out to do. The Nickelodeon theme park in the center of the mall is a kid’s dream.
  • The light rail is a great way to get around town. We took it all weekend long, from Nicollet Mall, to the Metrodome, to the aiport, and to the Mall. It is inexpensive, convenient, and easy to ride.
  • Nebraska was in town to face the Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium, and wow, do those fans travel well. Between the Packers and Huskers, Minneapolis was taken over by two of the best traveling fanbases in all of football.
  • Dinner at 112 Eatery even better than advertised. The place is small and cozy, but we hardly had to wait to get seated on Saturday night. We ordered what we thought would be way too much food, but we somehow found room to put it all down. The tagliatelle and foie gras meatballs are recommended.
  • The baseball season was over but people were still walking by Target Field to take photos and peek in. It seems the novelty has not worn off, and with good reason. The stadium is fantastic.

Overall, a successful weekend in Minneapolis, from good food, good company, a fun meet-and-greet, and an exciting NFL game. We’ll keep you updated on the next city to host our meet-and-greet & game SPW!

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