Sports Power Weekends will work with you to send you to a city you have always wanted visit and check off your list. You will see multiple sporting events, eat the best food the city has to offer, and experience the culture and local attractions of that city. We want you to have a 360 degree experience in a city so that you can look back and confidently know that you left no stone unturned and experienced everything that city has to offer.

Having worked for the University of Michigan athletic department, the New York Jets and the National Football League, as well as contributing two weekly columns to SECSports.com, our founder and CEO Jared Cooper has a strong background in sports and an unwavering passion for sports and travel.

Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for you. Attending sporting events and traveling both allow us to get a much-needed escape from the stresses of our daily routine and spark up a certain nostalgia of freedom and good times. We want you to have vivid memories of the excitement and emotions you feel at sporting events while spending time with your family and friends. You will accomplish new feats, have the potential to witness history, and feed your inherent need for creativity and adventure. You can meet new people from different parts of the country and share in the passion that they have for their city and teams. With Sports Power Weekends, you can follow the road your team travels.

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Jared’s Story

I experienced what I would consider my first Sports Power Weekend when I was seven years old. I was in Florida with my grandparents during December vacation, and my grandfather decided to take me to a New York Jets road game at Miami on the last week of the 1991 NFL season. As a newly-minted Jets fan, I watched the Jets kick a game-tying field goal at the end of regulation and the game-winner in overtime to send them to the playoffs. A sports travel nut was born.

I have created Sports Power Weekends for myself, my friends, and now clients for over 10 years. I have been on Sports Power Weekends in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Austin, Washington D.C., Tampa, San Diego, Kansas City, Raleigh, Atlanta, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Green Bay, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Denver, among others.  I have also been to the premiere events in all major sports leagues, having attended the last five Super Bowls, the World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, World Cup Finals, US Open Finals, the Rose Bowl and several international competitions. I have gone to soccer games in Barcelona and rugby matches in Australia and New Zealand.

What I have found at each one of these events is that the passion that fans exhibit for their team can overpower any obstacle to them attending the game. There is an emotion, an urge in every sports fan that calls to them. Fans want to follow their team on the road. They want to see as many stadiums, arenas and parks as they possibly can. They want to experience something they never have before. And they want to be there when history is made.

Having been to a stadium or city is a sort of badge of honor that sports fans wear proudly. When fans decide to take a Sports Power Weekend, they spare no detail in explaining their plans. Whether you are crossing an experience off of your list or revisiting a place that holds special meaning, an excitement boils over inside of you. There is just no telling what will happen at the game you are attending, or city you are visiting. One thing is for sure; your friends are going to hear all about it.

Year(s) Employment
August, 2010-Present Sports Power Weekends, Founder and CEO
2010-2011 SEC Digital Network, Writer and Contributor
2006-2010 National Football League, Public Relations Coordinator
Summer, 2006 New York Jets, Football Administration Intern
2005-2006 University of Michigan, Marketing Intern