College Football Spring Games a Good Way to See New Stadiums

By Jared Cooper

Alabama set a Spring Game record with 92,138 fans in 2007. That record has since been broken. (AP Photo)

When I attended the University of Michigan I made it a point to attend the annual Spring Game at Michigan Stadium.  By April, more than three months had passed since the bowl game and almost five months since the last home game they had played. The Spring Game at Michigan provided a capper of sorts to the school year, which begins for all intents and purposes at the first home game at the end of August or early September. Seeing the squad for the first time in the new year serves to energize you through the news-devoid summer months and hold you over until pre-season Fall camp starts.

While they lack the significance and full experience of the games in the Fall, college football Spring Games offer fans a good opportunity to see their team up close and personal and get a taste of college football in April. They also give a large number of fans the opportunity to get inside a stadium they may not otherwise get a chance to see a game in. The weather is turning in many areas of the country and April weather often equates to that of October; just like the Spring Game itself, the weather is somewhat reflective of how things will be in the Fall, but not quite there.

Many Spring Games around the country are free to enter and suggest a donation to a charity of the school’s choosing. As compared to the prices that are charged during regular season games, getting into the stadium for a small charitable donation is a great deal and a tremendous opportunity to get close to the field and explore the stadium in a stress-free, less crowded environment. Taking into account the often-beautiful weather on a college campus in mid to late April, a college football Spring Game is not a bad addition to an existing Sports Power Weekend, or a worthwhile visit if you are looking to check out a stadium you have never been to.

(Teams are listed in alphabetical order. )

Arizona State – April 23
California – April 30
Georgia Tech – April 23
Illinois – April 23
Kansas – April 30
Kansas State – April 30
Kentucky – April 23
Maryland – April 30
Michigan State – April 30
Minnesota – April 23
Ohio State – April 23
Oregon – April 30
Oregon State – April 30
Rutgers – April 30
UCLA – April 23
USC – April 23
Virginia Tech – April 23
Washington – April 30
West Virginia – April 29
Wisconsin – April 23

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