What is a Sports Power Weekend (SPW)?
Going on a Sports Power Weekend means you are able to cross everything off your checklist for a certain city by going to multiple sporting events, eating the can’t-miss local specialties, taking in the culture, and exploring the nightlife.

When you are on your way home from your trip, and you can’t think of one thing you missed out on, that is a Sports Power Weekend.


What kind of services does SPW offer?

We offer experiences ranging from simply following your favorite team on the road to going on college road trips, family trips, bachelor parties, or even couples trips that combine sporting events and other cultural events in one weekend. You can read more about our services here.


Thanks for all of this research and insight. Why shouldn’t I just take your suggestions, tweak them to my liking and book these trips on my own?
You certainly have the option of doing that, but by contacting us as your concierge of sorts, we can tailor an itinerary to your wants and needs, work to get you discounted hotel rates and hard-to-find tickets, and offer insights from our travels and experiences. Having experience working at the league (NFL), team (New York Jets), and program (University of Michigan) level, our founder Jared Cooper, can provide added value through contacts and relationships he has built.

You can read testimonials from our clients as well as Jared’s colleagues in the sports industry here.


Can I book my travel directly through the site?
Of course!  Follow the instructions on each event page and click “purchase now” to reserve your spot.


Can I just purchase tickets and not other aspects of the package?
As a provider of travel packages and weekend experiences, we do not offer the ability to purchase tickets only.


I read a suggested itinerary for a city I would like to visit, but I am unable to go on the weekend you highlighted. Can you customize a package for me?
Of course! If you have a city you would like to visit, a weekend you are available, or even just a team that you would like to follow on the road, we will work with you to create a tailored Sports Power Weekend to your wants and needs.


What kind of contacts do you have in the industry?
Jared worked in the NFL Public Relations department for four years before starting Sports Power Weekends. In that time he worked four Super Bowls, one Pro Bowl, one AFC Championship and one NFC Championship game, four NFL Drafts and four NFL Scouting Combines, as well as other events. He have cultivated strong relationships with team personnel, media members and athletes that gave him insight into how a multitude of events are run from many vantage points.

Since leaving the NFL in August of 2010, Jared has been writing two weekly SEC football articles for SECSports.com, expanding the reach of Sports Power Weekends and cultivating new relationships.

He also has relationships with personnel at the league and team level of the MLB, NBA, NHL and several college programs, and can offer insight and value for your Sports Power Weekend that you will not be able to obtain by booking these trips on your own.


What is the purpose of this site?
We would like others to be able to share in the feelings of excitement and passion we have for sports and travel. Sports Power Weekends is a way to inspire you to be adventurous, experience new cities and cultures through attending sporting events, and fill a void that can’t be filled by sitting in an cubicle in a life of monotony.

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