Guest Post: Why Attending the NFL Draft Should Be On Your Sports Bucket List

By Peter Schrager

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Attending the NFL Draft in person should be on every sports fan’s bucket list. You can take your Cooperstown and your trip to South Bend. Gimme the dim lighting, the blasting AC, and the uncomfortable chairs of Radio City Music Hall in the middle of April, instead. The Draft is like Comic Con for the NFL obsessed. Fans of all 32 teams come out in droves, sporting the most creative jerseys they’ve got in their closets, and touch the game together in the middle of the spring.

Three things you can count on every year that you won’t want to miss:

1. Jets and Giants fans bickering at each other in the crowd. This includes chants, finger pointing, and the occasional push and shove. It’s always heated. It’s always clever.

2. Lots of Mel Kiper, Jr. love. Say what you want about Mayock and McShay, this is STILL Kiper’s event. The fans love him. He gives them the love back.

3. The greatest voice in all of sports, Alan Roach, rocking the mic. Roach, the man behind the Denver Broncos PA announcements, emcees the three-day event in Radio City. He’s the voice of the draft and worth the trip to hear.

So put on the most outdated jersey in your closet, print out your favorite mock draft, and get ready to shout at and with your rival teams’ fans.

Sitting in a dimly lit room in the middle of April for three days? Sounds like paradise to me.

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