March Madness the perfect opportunity for a Sports Power Weekend

By Jared Cooper

What is so great about the NCAA Tournament – besides everything – is that with the games slated for particular times on either Thursday and Saturday, or Friday and Sunday, fans can plan their weekends and budget their time accordingly. Also great is the one-day gap in games that allows the fan to explore the city they are in, and even see another sporting event or two if time permits.

For this reason, the NCAA Tournament (with the conference tournaments bundled in) is the greatest event on the calendar for a Sports Power Weekend. Check out the tournament sites below with the dates of the NCAA Tournament games being played, as well as any other sporting event that can be attended on the same weekend.

To customize a Sports Power Weekends package to any of these sites, contact for pricing and options.

April 2-4 (Final Four and National Title Game)

Houston Friday
  • San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets
  • Reese’s College All-Star Game
  • PGA Shell Houston Open
  • Final Four
  • PGA Shell Houston Open
  • Atlanta Hawks at Houston Rockets
  • PGA Shell Houston Open
  • National Title Game

Houston officials and schedule-makers did a great job bringing in the Shell Houston Open this weekend, as well as having two Rockets games in between the Final Four and Title Game at Reliant Stadium. This is a Sports Power Weekend option that not only offers a tent-pole event in the Final Four, but also a fun spectator event like a PGA Tournament, and two NBA games for the basketball nuts.

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