Sports Power Weekends Services

  • Follow your favorite team on the road

When your favorite team’s schedule comes out, do you immediately look at when and where some of their high-profile away games are taking place? If you want to follow your favorite team on the road, Sports Power Weekends, Inc. is the company to help you do that. We will plan your trip from beginning to end, taking care of your travel arrangements and game tickets, and create an itinerary for you. If there is another game being played in that city on that weekend, we’ll send you there too, making it a true Sports Power Weekend.

  • VIP experiences

Do you want to experience more than just the game? You can have an on-field experience and get access like you have never had before via a VIP offering through Sports Power Weekends. You can be on field for batting practice at Fenway Park or have your son or daughter serve as an honorary ball person for the New York Knicks! We’ll put you closer to the game than you have ever been before.

  • College road trips

One of the great things about being in college is being to visit your friends at their school. Whether you go to a big-time sports school or not, the best weekends to visit your friends is when their school is hosting an important game. There are also plenty of times when your team is playing a conference foe on the road and you want to support them. If there is a professional team playing in that city on the same weekend, even better. We’ll help make sure that road trip goes off without a hitch.

  • Family trips

Does your family have a tradition of going to a new city each year to see a big sporting event, or even just to see your favorite team away from home? You don’t need to research every aspect of the trip; we’ll do that for you. Sports Power Weekends, Inc. will provide you with an itinerary catered to your wants and needs, and handle all of the specifics so you don’t have to go nuts researching a new city. Chances are you will have a new photo framed next to your TV after this family trip.

  • Bachelor parties

Coordinating a trip for a large group of guys is never easy. Why stress yourself out? We’ll get your group there, make sure you have a place to sleep (whether you end up crashing there or not), and get you all to the game. Now, we don’t handle every aspect of the bachelor party. Some details you will have to just work out on your own.

  • Couples weekends

Relationships are all about compromise. Yeah, there is a game in town, but there is also a new exhibit at the museum, a restaurant you both want to try, and a concert that should be fun. Why not do it all? Better yet, add another couple to the mix and you can all get what you want without having to give up too much. See? Compromise.

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